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6 Reasons to Choose Le Gia Phuc

Professional & Reliable

Being a reliable contractor, Le Gia Phuc has accomplished over 200 projects for Japan and Vietnam Partners.

High Quality

Design and construction follow Japanese Standards. Guarantee Certificates will be delivered after finishing projects.

Low Cost

Customers will save number of cost in designing, operating and repairing

Creative & Innovative

Le Gia Phuc always innovate and update new trends so that all the projects will have a high quality with the lowest cost.


We respect honesty and truth. Constructing solution and types of material are submitted clearly to customers and Investors before constructing


The constructing progress always be guaranteed to hand over projects on time.

Standard Of Le Gia Phuc


Modern, easy-operating and repairing design following Japanese Standards and Practices.


We follow and apply 5S Japanese Standards  in building:
Set in order


Our Projects have been chosen widely by many Japanese Customers  since 2008. IPC Quality- testing Process usually is performed and maintained. Especially, we apply “Weekly Patrol”, Construction Quality and safety is checked weekly to ensure that all building processes are performed continuously and strictly


Safety First is one of our main purposes. We not only respect customers but workers as well so that they have a safest working environment

Customers Talking About Le Gia Phuc

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